Colours of the European Summer

European summer is all about colour. Sky blue and sea green dominate, offset by intense jewel tones. The statement earring is everywhere, with distinct influence from the 2018 Met Gala Heavenly Bodies, recalling a rich history in tradition and design. Energetic, raw and wilful, here are the five top trends of European Summer jewellery, and how to wear them here and now.


statement earrings

Statement Earrings

Length is all important in the statement earring, with shoulder grazing designs dominating every runway. Choose large, white pearls with unique shapes and simple settings, or chain in fringe and tassle styles. Pair now with structured blazers and deep vee necklines.


Raw Colour

Rough and cabochon cut gems in rich colours embrace the Mediterranean, where historical middle-eastern influences met catholic tradition. Choose unfaceted aquamarine and shades of ocean blue to wear with light winter whites. Or select rich jewel tones in ruby, sapphire and emerald to complement Australian Autumn/Winter styles.


layered pearls

Layered Pearls

Heavily layered pearls in both traditional and non-traditional styles have reinforced the powerful pearl revolution. Choose long strands in monochrome or mixed colour for versatility and investment. These can be worn at their full length or doubled and tripled for statement. Strands of small, seedless pearl interspersed with chain offer a delicate alternative. Pair now with loose garments featuring dark prints, high or low necklines and poet sleeves.


freeform textured rose gold diamond and tourmaline pendant

Refined Casual

The simplicity and versatility of neoprene has had a strong influence on the SS 18/19 runway, offering a cool, easy alternative to heavily embellished trends. Choose long length with a core statement, such as raw gems, brushed metals and pearls. Pair now with block colours and light scarves worn high on the neck.


 glittering black diamond ring

Decadent Jewels

Distinctly influenced by the decadence of the 2018 Met Gala Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, embellished jewellery of every kind has captivated European spring and summer style. To truly embrace this trend, choose brilliant pave diamonds paired with a unique feature: Glittering coloured gems, hypnotic black diamonds or large pearls.