Design Style

There are three central categories that ring designs may be placed under, with many variants available. These are the classic solitaire, the three stone design, and the diamond set design.


solitaire engagement ring


The solitaire is as described: A single diamond set on a gold or platinum band. The solitaire setting is a fantastic option for a stone of size, beautiful enough to need no extra adornment. The solitaire ring is also a timeless classic. It has always been the quintessential diamond ring.


emerald cut diamond ring

Three Stone

The three stone design frames a central diamond with two complimentary stones. These range from very simple to daring and extraordinary. The three stone design is fantastic to explore combinations of fancy shaped stones. Frame an elegant Round Brilliant cut with two Baguettes for a bold statement, or a Pear shaped diamond with two Marquise for an eclectic and modern mix. The three stone design can express anything from chic and modern, to sweet and classic.


white and pink double halo diamond ring

Diamond Set

Diamond setting can incorporate a diamond halo, a diamond set band, or both. Diamond halos are a fantastic way to make a central stone appear much bigger. There are a large variety of halo options, each changing the overall aesthetic of a ring. A diamond set band may be perfect for those who want a little extra dazzle, without going overboard. Having both a diamond halo and a diamond set band can create fantastic sparkle and shine. 




Diamond Cut

Diamond Colour

Diamond Settting

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