Discover Linneys New Collection

Linneys is proud to launch its new collection inspired by one of fashion’s most iconic and timeless garments, the little black dress.

While silhouettes change throughout the years, the little black dress remains in style. This iconic garment inspired the new collection.

Each little black dress is made using similar materials, be it silk, cotton or velvet – the designer aims to transform these materials into the ultimate wardrobe staple with universal appeal. In the same way, Linneys jewellers have carved, polished and set precious metals and stones to create a collection of classic and elegant jewellery.

In both instances, raw materials are brought to life through the design process. It is not just the material itself that brings the beauty to the piece, it is how those materials are transformed into luxe design.

This new collection has been inspired by the connection between shaping the perfect little black dress and creating jewellery to be worn and adored for a lifetime.