Go-To Jewellery For Date Night

What is the secret to the perfect date night outfit? Stunning jewellery from Australian bespoke jeweller Linneys.

From the first nerve-wracking date, to you and your partner of 20 years treating yourselves to a luxurious escape, or a night out with your closest girlfriends, date nights deserve to be memorable. And you deserve to radiate confidence and beauty. Turn heads. Dazzle your date when you walk through the door.

For nearly half a century our jewellers and ring designers have adorned women and men with the finest handcrafted pieces, including for that extra-special date night where a certain question is popped.

How to wear jewellery to complete your date night outfit

Jewellery should accentuate your best features and complete your outfit without overcrowding your look. Balance is key; pairing understated jewellery with a cocktail dress will bring the outfit together perfectly to exude elegance:

Special occasions should be celebrated with jewellery that echoes feelings of everlasting romance. Diamonds, as they say, are forever. And there are no diamonds more enduring and romantic than an Argyle pink diamond:

Signature Argyle pink diamond jewellery is dazzling and rare; much like its wearer, the attraction begins in a colourful sparkle that deepens the closer you look. When it comes to date night accoutrements, Argyle pink diamonds are the ultimate in timeless glamour.

Bespoke Australian jewellery for date nights

There is a secret to the perfect date night outfit hidden deep in the pristine Kimberley waters south of Broome: Australian South Sea Pearls. Australian South Sea Pearls are used by our ring designers to create timeless, elegant, and uniquely Western Australian jewellery:

Date night jewellery for men

Linneys bespoke Australian pearl jewellery is an embodiment of this sentiment in every way. Modern men are certainly not forgotten in the pursuit of a perfect date night outfit:

Sought after for their rarity and lustre, Australian South Sea Pearls pair with just about any outfit. Dress up your favourite suit with a pair of gold cufflinks or be the image of classy-casual by accessorising with a neoprene and pearl bangle.

Finding the perfect piece

You can choose to build a date night outfit around your favourite jewellery, or seek out that special finishing touch once you decide on your outfit. However you approach special occasions, the jewellery you choose should radiate your personality and style.

Linneys have been creating bespoke Australian jewellery with the finest stones and precious materials for nearly 50 years. In that time the Linneys name has become synonymous with romance. From first dates to engagement rings, pearl anniversaries, and everlasting Argyle pink diamonds to say what words cannot.