How to Choose the Perfect Piece of Australian South Sea Pearl Jewellery

The darling of all pearls, Australian South Sea pearls are some of the world’s most coveted. Featuring in jewellery crafted by Linneys, we’re proud to create stunning pieces utilising such high-end pearls. Australia is one of the world’s top exporters of high-quality South Sea pearls, and we’re lucky to have access to such an incredible selection of some of the best pearls in the world right here in our backyard. 


Why Australian South Sea Pearls are Coveted

Australian South Sea pearls are considered the world’s rarest and most valuable. As saltwater pearls with a thick nacre, they radiate a gorgeous deep glow and appear to have a satin-like surface. Australian South Sea pearls are sought after for their rare beauty, quality and value. 


Understanding Pearl Colour and Lustre

South Sea pearls are renowned for their unique colour and high lustre caused by the compaction and smoothness of a pearl’s crystalline nacre layers. Over the course of around two to three years, an oyster covers the interior bead nucleus with concentric layers of nacre and conchiolin, eventually transforming the nucleus into a pearl. 


Colours of South Sea Pearls

The most commonly found South Sea pearls are white with a large and lush lustre. Ranging from white to creamy in colour, many white South Sea pearls feature a slight pink tone. Black South Sea pearls feature a slight peacock green undertone and are cultivated in black-lipped oysters typically in the Tahitian coast. Golden South Sea pearls are grown in gold lipped oysters in tropical areas. They often appear in a champagne, bright gold or soft glowing colours. South Sea pearls can also be found in silver colours with blue overtones, grown from silver lipped oysters. 


How to Choose the Perfect Australian South Sea Pearl

When it comes to choosing the perfect Australian South Sea pearl to add to your collection, consider lustre, size, shape and similarity. 

  • Lustre

When buying a South Sea pearl, you should consider and test its lustre. A pearl where you can clearly see your reflection indicates its high value.

  • Size

South Sea pearls are large in size, making them bold and eye-catching. Consider how large you want your feature piece of jewellery to be, then select a piece that best suits your style. 

  • Shape

South Sea pearls are less round than other types of cultured pearls, featuring a baroque or teardrop kind of shape. By considering what shape of pearl you prefer for your jewellery, you can make an informed decision on what to add to your collection next. 

  • Similarity

When considering what to add to your collection, think about balance. Naturally-occurring, pearls come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re combining pearl jewellery pieces or selecting a piece with multiple pearls, make sure that their similarities and differences balance to make one stunning cohesive look. 


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