How to Propose - Part Two

How to Propose With The Perfect Engagement Ring

Step Two: Planning

 “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

 -Audrey Hepburn. 

There are a variety of things to consider when planning your proposal, including the location, the time of year and the audience you may or may not have. Each of these things will affect the tone of your proposal and have a profound impact on your memories of the event. Consider each point carefully as you plan to ensure it all goes smoothly.  

Location: Where Will You Propose?

The location and atmosphere of your proposal will have a big impact on the event. Choose a place that is significant to you both. Perhaps it is where you met, or where you share precious holiday memories. Alternatively, choose a place you would like to become significant. It could be somewhere you’ve never been before but have shared a dream of visiting. It could be your brand-new home. The more thought and consideration put into your chosen location, the more memorable your proposal will be.


Make sure your loved one is appropriately attired for your chosen location. Heels or dress shoes on sand and grass can be awkward and uncomfortable, as can sneakers in a nice restaurant. Also consider whether or not there will be photos and how you might share them, and what will look best with their new engagement ring. Will your loved one be happy with pictures if they are dressed in their bathing suit? Had they known you were going to propose, would they have dressed up a little more? A great way to get them dressed appropriately is to give clues with your own outfit. Make suggestions. Pick their favourite things for them, or even buy them something nice for the occasion.

Time Of Year

Timing is also tantamount. Choosing the right time of year to propose can have a surprisingly strong effect on the impact of your proposal. It is also important to consider how long you wish your engagement to last. If you plan to get married in the spring, don’t propose in Autumn or winter. As the most popular times for weddings to occur, venues are often booked 12 months in advance.

Weather is always something out of your control but you can be prepared by doing your research; check the weather patterns for your selected location over the past five years. Always have a contingency plan should you be surprised by an unpredictable weather event. If the chances of bad weather are high, do the sensible thing and propose inside. Avoid hinging your proposal on good weather. If the day would be completely spoiled by a little bit of rain, then perhaps it is wise to reconsider your plan.

The Holiday Proposal

Christmas and New Year are perhaps the most popular time to propose. The general atmosphere of celebration as well as gatherings of family and friends can make it an appealing option. Before you decide on a holiday proposal there are some important considerations to make. Who will be there and do you want to share your special event with them? Holidays can be stressful for some; will the addition of a proposal ruin your celebration? Are you well organised? A spur of the moment proposal at this time of year is ill advised. Jewellers, hotels, restaurants and retailers are at their busiest and you may find it difficult to have your dream engagement ring wishes met. If you do decide on a holiday proposal, plan at least four to six months in advance. Valentines, anniversaries and birthdays are also a popular time to propose, often for some of the same reasons listed above. So long as you do not mind sharing the significance of your proposal, then these are all wonderful options.


Another powerful influence over your proposal is the audience. For some, a big gathering of family and friends is a wonderful way of sharing this special occasion. For others, it is their worst nightmare. This is where your personality and your relationships become important. Consider your day to day activities, and how the two of you most like to spend your time. Who do you value spending time with, and will their presence detract from the romance of the moment? Will your guests be respectful of this special occasion, or will they hog the limelight for themselves? While many couples choose to share this moment with those they love, many others prefer it to be quiet an intimate.


Always have a backup plan, even if it means you need to postpone your proposal. What if one of you is unwell? What if they are running late? What if there is flash flooding? Be prepared with options a, b and c. It won’t hurt to move the date if you have to, and sometimes this is the best option for the best result.

The way you choose to propose will be entirely dependent on you, your personality and the relationship you share with your beloved. Carefully consider the where, when, who and how of your proposal and avoid the temptation to do something completely out of character. Stay true to who you are the event will naturally follow. Once you have your plan in place, only one question remains to be asked. But what exactly will you say and how will you say it? How will you present the engagement ring to your fiancé to be? There are many ways to ask for a hand in marriage, and this may include asking their parents’ permission. In our next article we will discuss step three of your marriage proposal. Will you marry me?

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