How To Select The Perfect Pearl

Selecting a pearl is one of the most enjoyable parts about owning pearl jewellery as it allows you to understand to rarity of the pearls and the factors that determine their value. It is a personal experience, a journey that you might only share with your loved one and your jeweller. At Linneys, we are honoured to guide our clients through the process of selecting the perfect pearl according to clients’ preferences - but of course; it can never hurt to have some knowledge behind you before you start the process so you can make and educated decision.

Fresh Water Pearls VS Salt Water Pearls

At Linneys, we offer the world’s finest salter South Sea Pearls in three different colours. The Pinctada Maxima oyster produces the white Australian South Sea pearl which is superior in quality to fresh water making it Linneys white pearl of choice. Fresh water pearls are grown for only approximately 6 months, resulting in a lower level of lustre and a cheaper product. The conditions the Fresh Water Pearls are grown in are more protected and predictable. Contrasted to this, the Salt Water Australian pearls are grown for over 2 years in dangerous areas that are susceptible to cold ocean currents and tropical storms. The longer growing time results in a thicker coating of nacre and a better quality pearl with a brighter lustre. 


Without lustre, a pearl would not be considered a gem. Considered the most vital factor when choosing a pearl, the lustre is the interplay between the light bouncing from the surface of a pearl, and the light that penetrates deeper through the layers of pearl nacre. An excellent way to appraise the lustre of a pearl is to look at the reflection on its surface. The highest quality pearls feature bright, sharp reflections, whereas poorer quality pearls often have dim and diffused reflections.


As pearls are created by molluscs and not cut or polished, they will each have individual blemishes which identify them as a natural product. All pearls will have at least one surface irregularity or complexion imperfection - these may show up as lines, bumps, or dips in the gem. The less blemishes a pearl has, the higher the value be.


There are a number of different shaped pearls available and this will affect the overall value. The pearl shapes are generally classified into the : Round, near round, button, oval, drop, circle and baroque. A perfectly round pearl is incredibly rare, and will be considered the most valuable shape, however, round pearls do not necessarily suit every style or every piece of jewellery and they aren’t the only factor affecting the value of the pearl. 

If you are searching for something unique, you may prefer a baroque. Equally as beautiful, the baroque shaped pearl offers something a little different to your traditional shapes. Or perhaps you would like a tear-drop pearl. Perfect for earrings and pendants. Discuss your desires with one of our expert team to discover which shape will best suit you and the type of pearl jewellery design it is being set into. 


At Linneys, we work with some of the largest pearls in Australia. When it comes to size, your personal preference and the type of jewellery you want is important. Pearls can grow in excess of 20mm, but are most commonly purchased between 10mm and 15mm. A large pearl of excellent lustre is considered very rare and precious; with each increase in size comes an increase in value. 


Pearls come in many different colours that are often discussed in terms of hue, tone and saturation. Hue refers to the overall colour, tone looks at the lightness or darkness, and saturation refers to the colour’s intensity. Some colours and tones are rarer than others, such as the stunning intense gold. The Tahitian south sea pearl comes in the largest variety of colours, ranging from pale silver to purples and pistachio and the rarest white pearls can have tones of pink. What colour you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference.

At Linneys, our collection of pearl jewellery is exclusive and luxurious, 

handcrafted by our expert team. We focus on elegance and passion, and our knowledgeable jewellers are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect pearl or piece of jewellery. 

Pearl Jewellery Designs 

Our expert designers and jewellers use the precious natural gems to craft exclusive and individual pieces of jewellery, including necklaces, pearl strands, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. Pearls are the only gems created by a living organism, and each is incredibly unique. Like our own fingerprint, no two pearls are exactly alike. Visit one of our showrooms or speak to us today to find the perfect pearl for you.