Linneys Manari Collection

When the blue skies and rolling swells of the Indian Ocean collide with the white sand and red pindan, the colours erupt in an alchemy of beauty. One can only attempt to capture and interpret such natural wonder in a work of art.

Linney's designers embraced this challenge armed with a palette of raw precious materials consisting of rich yellow Australian gold, lustrous Australian South pearls, vibrant Argyle pink diamonds and the pastel blue of aquamarine. The results of this collection are a testament to the skill and creativity of the Linneys design team and jewellers. They have produced a stunning collection of fine jewellery that Linneys are proud to present to the world showcasing Western Australian talent.

The initial concept that drove the Manari collection was to create fine jewellery artworks that capture the essence of the outback coast. Linneys strived to create something exclusively Western Australian which led to the decision for a locally sourced creative team for the campaign photoshoot. The shoot took place in Manari, approximately an hour and half North of Broome with the team working together to create beautiful imagery. With local model Millicent Lambert as the face of the jewellery campaign and stylist Teagan Sewell styling the shoot it was clear that Linneys worked with some strong Western Australian talent. Linneys also used garments from local fashion designers such as One Fell Swoop and Lola Varma for the photoshoot.  This direction cements Linneys position as a truly authentic Western Australian brand as they continue to forge their way into the future as Australia’s leading jewellery atelier.

Linneys are excited to launch this diverse collection and invites you to try on one of the stunning pieces at their Subiaco or Crown Perth showroom. View our new catalogue.