Linneys: The Story Of Us

At an age where it would be easy to step back, Alan Linney, Founder of Linneys Jewellers in Perth has done the opposite: future-proofed his business for generations to come. Moreover, he’s achieved it with the same passion that he would apply to one of his extraordinary free-flowing artistic jewellery designs.Recently, Alan spoke openly about Linneys: family ties being the pivotal factor in it remaining an exquisite on-trend jeweller.

Beginning with how Linneys has evolved over forty-five years, Alan remarks, ‘We’ve gone from a team of five people for the first ten years (1972-1982) to thirty-five staff now. With that kind of growth, Alan says his biggest hurdle was setting up systems of operation. ‘Having each person informed in a format that is personalised to their varying skills, that was the biggest change,’ he adds. One wonders if he had a family business in mind back in 1972. ‘It was not my plan in the beginning although I enjoyed being able to employ my father when he was at age sixty for twenty years, and my brother for the last twenty-six years. The family business really grew from there.’

While four decades on we might call it a ‘core aesthetic’, back when Alan began Linneys, his mission was, ‘…to design and produce premium quality jewellery that exceeds our clients’ expectations, and make it in Australia from local materials.’ His burning desire to be the leader in the industry sees him stand firm on the rule to never, ever go into ‘sale mode’.

In fact, all through this chat with Alan, you get one very clear impression that being first across the line is what Linneys is all about. When asked how his company direction might change when different tends emerge, his answer is resolute, ‘We maintain our integrity by setting our own trends through a passion for individual design!’  Talk of a change in direction leads straight to Alan’s three sons, Nathan, Justin and Troy. After seeing them grow within the company, Alan is slowly releasing the reigns to the next generation.

‘It’s all about trust,’ he says, ‘the expectation that the family are doing their very best for the long-term growth of the company, which in-turn translates to each person’s individual growth.’

His passion escalates further. ‘I feel very certain that the new generation will make the necessary future changes needed to stay up to and ahead of the market.’

His final statement is fittingly heartfelt. ‘This is greater in value than any money we may have received from the sale of the business, which would normally happen at about this time of my life.’

So there it is - the next stage of Alan Linneys’ vision has been set. Now it’s up to you to write your own chapter into the rich history of this much-admired Western Australian company, by owning a piece from the individual and beautiful Linneys jewellery collection.

Linneys is ready to answer your enquiry today.