Precious Metal

Gold and platinum are the quintessential metals chosen for engagement rings, with gold being the most popular choice. To create durability, pure or fine gold is combined with an alloy, which will also determine the colour of the finished product. 18ct gold is created using 750 parts pure gold.

White Gold

White gold has been the colour of choice for many years, perhaps because of its similarity to platinum. Many jewellers prefer to set diamonds in white gold because the colourless nature of the metal will not visually impact the diamond itself; a white diamond set in yellow gold may adopt a yellowish hue.

Yellow and Rose Gold

Yellow and rose gold, once relegated to grandma’s jewellery box, have seen a bold resurgence. The warmer tones of yellow and rose gold compliment different skin tones, and can have a striking effect on an otherwise conventional design. They may also be chosen in conjunction with white gold, offering versatility to the wearer’s wardrobe.


Platinum is a beautiful white metal that requires no alloy. Its hardness offers extra strength and security to diamond settings.