The Linneys Guide to Radiant Cut Diamonds

Diamonds have been used in fine jewellery for thousands of years and remain the world’s most desirable gem. Nearly all diamonds are formed at depths of 150 kilometres below the earth surface, where temperatures reach 2000 degrees. Diamonds are the hardest of all gems, making them highly suitable for use in jewellery.

A diamond’s cut determines its beauty. Cut is assessed based on seven characteristics:

  • Brightness
  • Fire
  • Scintillation
  • Weight
  • Ratio
  • Durability
  • Symmetry 

Each characteristic, and its relative importance, is taken into account when grading a gem, with stones graded on a scale from Excellent to Poor. When determining a diamond’s overall value, cut can be considered more important than colour, clarity and carat. A diamond that has a 3 x Excellent cut grading is considered to be highly desirable.

Radiant cut diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are often called the ‘rectangular modified brilliant diamond’. Sitting in the ‘hybrid’ gemstone cut group, radiant’s are one of the top ten most common diamond cuts. Their flattering shape lengthens the appearance of your finger and are often used for engagement rings.


Developed in 1977 Henry Grossbard, this cut has an average of 70 facets, and is one of the more brilliant gems – reflecting light effortlessly, making a statement no matter the size of the stone.

Grossbard’s goal was to take the best elements of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut, and work them into one new, distinctive cut – and so the radiant cut was born. This merging of cuts explains why they are classed as hybrids in the gemstone cut group.

Though known for their rectangular, emerald-like shape, radiant cuts can also be closer to square.

  • Square Radiant: a slightly squarer radiant cut adds sparkle and sophistication to any ensemble.
  • Rectangular Radiant: from glamourous pendants to extraordinary engagement rings, rectangular radiant cut diamonds look spectacular and make an eye-capturing accessory.

Why buy a radiant cut diamond?

These stones provide a varied price point if you are looking to own a stunning ring with shimmering brilliance. Its many facets and deep cut can camouflage flaws that may be visible in other stones, meaning you can purchase a larger gem for a similar financial investment.

Commitment to Quality Ethical Diamonds

Linneys are committed to selecting only premium quality diamonds from guaranteed sources.  The Kimberley Process is a United Nations mandated forum, with a focus on stemming the flow of conflict diamonds into the international market. When purchasing a diamond from Linneys, you can be assured you a buying a quality, hand selected stone from a conflict free source.

Why choose Linneys for your radiant cut diamond engagement rings?

Our award-winning jewellers’ experience, skill and expertise are tantamount to the high quality of Linneys jewellery. Our diamonds are individually selected by our certified diamond specialists and only the best radiant cut diamonds pass our rigorous quality control.

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