From Dawn to Dusk: Our Favourite Versatile Jewellery Pieces

Everyday jewellery does not have to mean wearing the same jewellery every day. Just like you have outfits for different days, the jewellery you accessorise with speaks volumes about your personality, professionalism, and panache.

With the right pieces in your jewellery box you can transition beautifully from day to night: from the office to after-work meetings, from client calls to social calls, from running the kids around to putting your feet up with the girls.

Accessories for the office crowd

Transitioning from a day of back-to-back meetings to after-work drinks is never easy. During the day you want to look composed and confident. Then once 5 o’clock arrives, it’s time to relax a little. Whether you’re catching up with the work crowd, or having an informal client meeting, there is an art to smart casual. And the right jewellery is what ties it all together.

  • Go for elegant, modern and minimal
  • Accentuate your outfit
  • Keep it simple, but dress to impress
  • Do not be afraid of a statement piece

For women

For men

Bangles and bracelets can be the perfect accessory to long sleeves; turn up the cuff and let your jewellery shine. Stud earrings or simple drops are also ideal as they exude elegance without being distracting in meetings.

C-Suite: Suave to social

For the busy executive hopping between client meetings, efficiency and a good first impression is key. Of course, one drawback to being the boss is kissing goodbye to the 9-to-5 workday. You need to be ‘on’ almost all the time, because you never know where you will meet your next business partner or prospect.

Custom jewellery from Perth’s pearl and Argyle pink diamond masters is sure to make a strong first impression. Go for a little dazzle as you transition from board meetings to black tie social, especially when you hope to catch a client’s eye at a networking event.

For women

For men

Weekend casual with a sparkle

Finally, the weekend is here! However you like to spend your weekends, whether packing free time with social events or kicking back with your kids, effortless comfort is the goal. You might think simple jewellery is the way to go – and you are correct!

With versatility and comfort in mind, your jewellery can dress up a casual outfit for a backyard BBQ with friends, or add a beautiful finish to any date night outfit. These are your Friday-to-Sunday favourites:

For women

For men

Many of Linneys’ collections are inspired by our state’s best-kept secret, the Kimberley region. From russet ranges housing the world’s most precious pinks diamonds, to the pristine coastal waters where Australian South Sea Pearls are formed, we have crafted the feeling of the Kimberley into Perth’s favourite custom jewellery for every day, every night, and the hours in between.