What It Means to Own Blue Sapphire Jewellery

Many know sapphires to be a stunning blue gemstone that has made its fair share of appearances on the hands of many a royal or a celebrity figure. However, there is much more to this stunning coloured gemstone than meets the eye. Read on for information about the symbolism, colouring and rarity of the sparkling sapphire stone.

A Unique and Durable Gemstone

Jewellery trends this year have been very favourable towards the sapphire. White sapphires have been embraced in a variety of designs and are a brilliant way to showcase the sapphire’s uniqueness. The market for untreated or untouched sapphires is continuously rising, and as a result, sapphires of superior quality are becoming more and more rare.

Sapphires are, as previously mentioned, incredibly unique gemstones. This is partially because when it comes to sapphires, no two will ever be alike. Each individual stone has a different level of saturation, inclusions and prominent varieties in which they will best be cut.

Sapphires are also incredibly durable. In fact, the only crystal harder than corundum (sapphire) is a diamond. The sapphire is inherently strong and is rarely prone to scratching or chipping, making for a brilliant piece to treasure for years to come post-purchase. Sapphires can also be polished to take away the stress of everyday wear, and their strong resistance to chemicals means the stone will not lose its shine or become etched.

Colour Variations

When purchasing a sapphire, it is important to remember that the colour is the stone’s most important characteristic. A sapphire’s colour refers to its hue, saturation and tone – but overall, a sapphire will exhibit a primary shade of blue (be it light, medium or dark).

The ‘best’ colour for a sapphire is titled Royal Blue. A stone with a heavy saturation, this vivid blue-coloured sapphire is slightly more expensive, as a sapphire with higher saturation and a deeper tone is expected to increase its price point.

A Symbol of Protection and Healing

The sapphire evokes numerous healing properties and uses, and is often also associated with deep spirituality, devotion and protection. In chakra theory, the sapphire is understood to reflect wisdom and insight, as well as the throat chakra which permits for the communication of visions and beliefs to others. It is also the birthstone of both Taurus and Virgo and is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger.

Linneys Sapphire Pieces

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