What To Look For In Fine Jewellery Design

Jewellery designers are responsible for the meticulous conception, initial technical drawings, design renders and manufacturing processes of jewellery pieces.
Tasked with forming, shaping, and customising different dimensions with metal, it is essential to find a reliable jewellery designer if you wish to maintain pieces of:

  • High quality
  • Durability
  • Effect


There are four qualities to look for in fine jewellery designs:

  1. Functionality
  2. Design
  3. Durability
  4. Uniqueness

When selecting fine jewellery, be sure to look for credentials and accomplishments – as purchasing high quality jewellery pieces is something to trust with only the best in the business.

Once an initial design or prototype is in place for the piece with your desired jewellery designer, it is extremely important to ensure that these qualities are addressed and accounted for:


 anchor bangle


Good jewellery design is functional, and as such, it involves pieces that are able to be worn for multiple different occasions. Functionality also refers to comfort, as the purchaser should feel extremely comfortable and at ease when wearing specifically designed jewellery pieces.



Closely tied to a piece’s uniqueness, the design of jewellery is highly dependent on your selected jeweller’s capabilities. This may refer to any personal flair or trademarks your jeweller may have and may also include customisations a jeweller may suggest within the initial prototype and design process. Design may also refer to the intricacy (or lack thereof) that the piece represents. A simple design would be more time and cost effective, yet a designers’ personal preference and recommendation may sway your purchase into a much more extravagant design and piece.



Durability is an extremely important aspect of jewellery design - you should feel confident that high quality pieces will not crack, rust or break once you wear them. This aspect is where trusted brand jewellers with years of experience working in fine jewellery are a safe choice.


boulder opal earrings unique


A piece’s uniqueness may include intricate patterns, shape, stone or colour combinations – and should ultimately provide a sense of personal connection or deeper meaning to its owner. Working closely with a jewellery designer can help ensure each piece you purchase has a unique flair and/or meaning to you and is a very valuable part of the jewellery shopping and designing process.


Linneys Fine Jewellery

Linneys has an unwavering respect and wealth of experience with jewellery design. Combining traditional goldsmith techniques with advanced technology, Linneys, as one of the top jewellers in Perth, create fine jewellery from precious Australian materials. The team’s award-winning jewellers boast nearly 250 years of combined experience handcrafting quality jewellery pieces – a specialised skill that has been handed down through generations of Linneys’ highly proficient employees. All Linneys jewellery is finished by hand to the highest possible standard – cementing Linneys reputation as one of Perth’s finest jewellers.

Contact us here or call +61 8 9382 4077 for more information about Linneys’ wide range of premium jewellery design options and team of highly skilled designers.