Why Should You Consider Custom Jewellery Design?

At Linneys, we understand you have a vision. We know what it is like to want a piece of jewellery that is unique – because every person is unique and deserves to have at least one item of custom-made jewellery that truly reflects their individuality.  

That is why our expert luxury jewellery designers are on hand to work closely with you, to collaborate on your perfect vision. Whether you are hoping to design a ring for your beloved, or to achieve your own personal vision for a piece, our dedicated jewellery designers and crafters are waiting to help you bring your vision to life. 

Occasions where a custom design is needed

If you are looking for a piece to become a family heirloom, an artisan designed item to last from generation to generation, then choosing a bespoke design is the answer.

You may own an out of fashion heirloom piece that needs to be freshened up. It’s possible to reuse pearls and diamonds for a new custom piece of jewellery.  

If you’re struggling to find the perfect engagement ring, Linneys can gladly help you design a custom-made engagement ring in Perth. We’ll help you create a ring to bring a lifetime of joy. 

The Bespoke Design process with Linneys

Here’s how to design your perfect piece with Linneys:

  1. Contact our creative jewellery design team to book a consultation. This visit will help you identify current designs, trends, and styles for your own bespoke piece.
  1. Before you attend your appointment think carefully about what you are looking for in your custom-made jewellery in Perth. Discuss your ideas at the appointment.
  1. Try on some of our current pieces to discover the styles that suit you best. For rings, have your size taken by our experienced team. We have an extensive range of exquisite diamond and pearl jewellery to assist with your inspiration.
  1. Now, it’s time to decide whether you would like to customise one of our current stunning designs or create a unique ring; a one-of-a-kind piece of custom jewellery to be with you for life.
  1. After you have discussed your final plans with our team, one of our award-winning designers will create a technical drawing for you, as a complimentary service. The drawing will help you to see your vision brought to life.
  1. Once your design has been finalised, your exclusive bespoke jewellery will be handcrafted in the Linneys Perth design studio within four weeks. Our skilled team will take the utmost care to ensure that your piece is a beautiful, individual reflection of your story.

We team understand that there are some circumstances where only a stunning, unique bespoke ring will reflect your feelings and love story. Take a look at our exquisite selection of engagement ringsnecklacesearrings and bracelets for inspiration, and get in touch with our jewellery design team today to begin the process of designing your perfect piece.

Why choose Linneys for a custom design piece?

Our award-winning jewellers experience, skill and expertise are tantamount to the high quality of Linneys jewellery. We transform raw precious metals, sparkling gems and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art.

Contact us for more information regarding custom-made jewellery in Perth.