Yellow Diamonds: Are They Appropriate for an Engagement Ring?

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

When choosing the right engagement ring, its important to find or design a piece that is a true testament to your commitment to each other; reflective of your relationship, style and personalities.

Traditionally, engagement ring designs include a ‘colourless’ or white diamond as the centrepiece. Coloured diamonds have, however, been worn consistently throughout the centuries, and are currently experiencing growing popularity. But are they appropriate or more of a unique fashion statement?


Why Choose a Yellow Diamond?

Yellow diamonds are naturally found in 4 shades – fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow and fancy vivid yellow, with 2 subcategories of fancy deep and dark yellow. As such, whether you prefer a bold fashion choice or elegant, subtle beauty, yellow diamonds provide diverse design opportunities.

They are a comprehensive choice for 3 principal reasons:


Great Versatility

Linneys yellow stones impress in any cut and carat size. The shape does, however, affect the stone colour. For a classic look, Radiant, Round Brilliant and Pear shapes are recommended because they are comprised of a greater number of facets, 70 and 58 respectively, which reflect more light and therefore intensify the colour. Princess shapes, however, differ in facet number and therefore could offer a more personalised but nevertheless classy statement.

Similarly, yellow diamonds are highly versatile for their suitability to be complemented and their beauty enhanced when set alongside traditional stones. Whether placed in a halo setting or with smaller diamonds flanked alongside, the stones create a radiant, timeless look that will impress as much as any colourless diamond.


Unique and Positive Associations

If you and your partner are would appreciate symbolism in your choice of ring, and to encapsulate or add meaning to your special proposal, considering yellow diamonds offers a variety of connotations.
While some of these are debated, the most common agreed meaning of a yellow ring is the signification of selflessness, caring and calm, or that the ring represents a sunny, happy marriage, with creative energy surging from inner strength.


Accessible but Exclusive

Yellow diamonds are rare – 1 in 16 500 carats sold annually is yellow. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t accessible. The price tag depends on both size and colour intensity – lighter gems generally less rare and therefore less expensive.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you choose, you’re guaranteed to be buying not only a special piece, but one whose rarity makes it a solid investment choice.


Yellow Diamonds at Linneys

Regardless of your final design decision, our expert team at the Linneys studio takes pride in selecting or crafting the ideal ring for your partner’s style, and yellow diamonds are a perfect choice and central element of this process.

Sourced only from conflict-free and sustainable origins, our exclusive range of stones is meticulously crafted to become the ideal centrepiece of your engagement.

To explore our collection, or to discuss your design preferences, we invite you to contact our friendly team.