Sterling Silver Champagne Diamond Neoprene Bangle

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sku: 121163

A striking design, Linneys skull neoprene bangles come in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes. Both with and without diamonds.

This bangle features a sterling silver large size Linneys skull design with a satin finish. The two champagne diamond eyes bring the skull to life and adds an intriguing sparkle to the design. The skull is set on a 4mm thick neoprene bangle that can be made to any length.

For a smaller skull and thinner neoprene see the next skull size down SKU 120972 which has slightly smaller diamond eyes and is on a 3mm neo. The 4mm thick neoprene is generally used for men's neoprene bangles where as the 3mm thick neoprene is often used for ladies neoprene bangles.
Designed and handcrafted at Linney's studio workshop in Western Australia.

Finger size guide

We offer complimentary sizing of our rings up or down three sizes from the current size which is often our standard 'L' for womens rings and 'T' for mens rings. This offer is valid for up to 2 months from the time of purchasing. Most rings can be sized +/- three sizes but beyond this range they will often need to quoted and custom made to suit. The price will increase slightly for larger sizes and decrease slightly for smaller sizes as it will change the gold weight in the ring.

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