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With access to the strictly limited Argyle Diamond Atelier, Linneys has one of Australia’s largest collections of rare Argyle pink diamonds, as well as a dazzling array of spectacular loose coloured diamonds and coloured diamond jewellery. Available at our Linneys Sydney showroom, Crown Perth showroom, and Linneys Subiaco studio, Perth. 

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Representing the highest concentration of wealth in the world, an Argyle pink diamond accounts for less than 0.01% of all diamonds produced in the Argyle Diamond Mine. Hand selected from the local Kimberly region, each premium gem is as rare as it is unique. With a dedicated team of award winning designers and jewellers, Linneys has the expertise to take these precious pink diamonds and create a masterpiece. 

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Unique, rare and truly desirable, coloured diamonds are highly sought by the diamond connoisseur. From shades of brilliant canary yellow to fancy hues of blue, Linneys selection of loose coloured diamonds and coloured diamond jewellery is truly exceptional. Our coloured diamond range include shades of yellow, black, champagne, green, blue and red. 

Bespoke Designs

With over 40 years of fine jewellery experience, Linneys offers its clients the opportunity to work with our award winning designers and jewellers to create a bespoke design that is both personal and unique. Using your choice of the finest 18ct Australian white, yellow and rose gold, or the prestige of platinum, your piece will be expertly handcrafted at our Subiaco studio.