About Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds are highly coveted and the world's most sought-after diamonds. Produced from Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia's north, these stunning gems display incredible colour range and clarity. The Argyle Diamond Mine is the primary source of the world's rare pink diamond supply. Comprising less than 0.1% of the total diamond production of the Argyle Mine, true pinks are extremely rare. 

Argyle Diamonds has mined the world's largest and beautiful natural-colored gems since 1984. Before the Argyle deposit was discovered in 1979, supply was sporadic, with only the occasional pink stone found worldwide. From the moment they were found in WA, Argyle Pink diamonds have commanded the world's attention for the source's consistency and the depth and range of colour produced. 

Formed at a depth of over 160 kilometres below the earth's surface, unearthing these treasures is a challenge in both scale and complexity. The Argyle Mine functioned initially as a sizeable open-cut mine and then as an underground mine comprising of an intricate network of approximately 40 kilometres of tunnels and two underground crushers. It took over a year for a rough Argyle pink diamond to journey from the mine to its final destination as a polished gem ready for the diamond and fine jewellery market.

The Argyle Diamond Mine Closure 

The Argyle Diamond Mine began operating in 1984, and, like many natural resources, it had a finite life. It finally closed its doors in 2020. The closure of the mine will have a significant and ongoing impact on the global diamond market. We anticipate the reduction of supply from the mine's closure may actually stimulate prices and reinvigorate investing in diamonds. This makes now the perfect time to purchase an Argyle Pink Diamond. 

Argyle Diamond Mark of Authenticity

Argyle Pink Diamonds uphold its diamonds' precious provenance through meticulous tracking and audited controls in the mining, polishing, and distribution of its gems. This dedicated chain of custody ensures that every Argyle pink diamond is as sustainable and ethically sound as rare and beautiful.


As early as 2005, Argyle Pink Diamonds laser inscribed each of its diamonds above 0.15 carats with a unique identification number. The special inscription is applied to the girdle of the diamond using the latest laser technology and is visible only under magnification.

More than a mark of authenticity, it represents the careful chain of custody that accompanies each diamond and ensures its responsible sourcing.

Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 

Since 1984, Argyle gathered the rarest and most collectible pink, red and violet diamonds mined and presented them at an invitation-only tender for diamond and jewellery companies. Linneys has consistently attended this annual Tender to view the best 50-60 diamonds produced each year. 

After carefully assessing the collection, Linneys presented bids along with the world's finest diamantaires and jewelers. Over the years, Linneys enjoyed much success and delivered extraordinary gems to our delighted clients.

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Coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are coveted across the globe for their rarity, beauty, and unique character. As a long-time curator of the world's most precious gems, Linneys are proud to offer an exquisite selection of the finest coloured diamonds.

Linneys are proud to have been a trusted Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier from the Argyle mine's earliest days. The Linneys team's long relationship with Argyle Pink Diamonds grants it significant experience in creating unique jewellery featuring these special gems. 

Natural-coloured diamonds

Natural-coloured diamonds are a sub-category within the range of naturally occurring diamonds mined globally. Often referred to as Fancy Coloured Diamonds, some colours are rarer than others. The value of the different coloured diamonds is determined mainly by the scarcity of that particular colour in nature.  

Red and pink are the most sought after, followed by blue, green, orange, yellow, and champagne.

Many of the most famous diamonds in the world are coloured diamonds. Throughout history, the rarest and most exquisite diamonds were bound up in royalty and rich and famous fortunes. 

For white diamonds, the colour grading scale goes from D to Z. For natural-coloured diamonds, the gemmological classification ranges from Fancy Vivid and Deep through to Fancy Intense and Fancy onto Fancy Light. 

Within the world of natural-coloured diamonds, those which exhibit Vivid or Deep colour are much rarer than the others, and consequently, their values are substantially higher.

Fancy yellow-coloured diamonds are typically the most popular because of their relative affordability and their bright colour and range of sizes available.

The Argyle mine also produced a significant portion of the world's supply of champagne and cognac diamonds. The company developed the market for these stones from the 1990s onwards.

These diamonds are famous due to the broad colour palette they embrace, from pale straw to deep brown, and are the most affordable of the natural-coloured diamonds range. They are appealing to jewellery designers who enjoy working with an array of colour tones.