Choosing Pink Diamonds for Your Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide

18ct white and rose gold pink floral diamond ring


Highly coveted for their beauty and unique character, pink diamonds are some of the rarest stones on Earth. These precious gems therefore make for the perfect stone to feature as the centrepiece in your proposal to your partner.  


Argyle Pink Diamonds: A Brief Synopsis

Pink diamonds are exclusive, and then there are Argyle pink diamonds. The Argyle diamond mine, operated by Rio Tinto, is located in the Barramundi Gap near Kununurra in WA’s East Kimberley region.

From the depths of the Barramundi Gap, the rough stone undertakes a year-long journey to become a polished gem on the fine jewellery market. So why choose one of these prized gems for your partner?


#1: Infinite Beauty with a Timeless History

Argyle diamonds are divided into 6 colour categories – Purplish Pink, Pink, Pink Rosé, Pink Champagne, Blue Violet and Red – according to hue, the dominant colour of the stone, saturation, the strength of the hue, and tone, the level of lightness or darkness.

As each category comprises of its own colour gradient, every diamond is unique. Forged by geological evolution in one of the oldest landscapes on Earth, guarded by one of the oldest cultures, and then crafted by the hands of the finest artisans, Argyle diamonds showcase the art of nature as a masterpiece – the ideal testament to your love.


#2: Diamonds are Forever

90% of the global pink diamond supply comes from the Argyle mine, and yet 0.1% of Argyle’s diamonds are pink – that makes the stones exquisitely rare.

As such, Argyle diamonds are a transferable asset that are not only a beautiful gift, but present solid investment options for both committed parties and those looking to broaden their portfolio. The average investment growth for all Argyle diamonds is 15-20%, and recently the value of tendered Argyle pink diamonds has undergone market appreciation of more than 500%. With the closure of the mine anticipated at the end of 2020, it is expected that this strong market position will not only be maintained but developed.


Pink Diamonds at Linneys

Every year, the most exclusive Argyle diamonds are sold through prestigious international tender. Around 60 pink diamonds from the 6 colour categories are chosen, and secret bidding is opened to a select circle of prestigious retailers.

Not only is Linneys active in this tender, we are also proud to be a long-standing member of the Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier – an exclusive group of only the chosen few jewellers, trusted for their quality craftsmanship, creativity and commitment to Argyle’s values of beauty with integrity.

At Linneys we take pride in bringing our impressive credentials to assist your search for the ideal piece for your engagement – the perfect occasion on which to acquire part of the Argyle legacy.