About The International Coloured Diamond Collection Event

This week Linneys Subiaco will showcase an exclusive collection of coloured diamonds featuring pieces from the world-renowned Argyle diamond mine and across the globe.

As an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier and long-time curator of these exclusive gems, Linneys boasts the finest collection of Argyle diamonds in Perth.

For one very special week in October a selection of rare and collectable Argyle pink diamonds will be on show alongside coloured diamonds from around the world.

This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most exquisite pink diamond jewellery in the country.

About the event

Linneys Subiaco will showcase the international collection from 19-26 October in our flagship Rokeby Road showroom. Opening hours are available on our website here.

The collection can also be viewed by private appointment. To arrange an appointment contact our atelier ahead of time via our website.

Driven by our unwavering respect for our state’s resources and history, Linneys have assembled this special collection of Perth’s finest Argyle diamonds and coloured stones from around the world for a strictly limited showcase.

What’s on show

The exclusive international coloured diamond collection will showcase the finest argyle pink diamonds in Perth, as well as a range of distinguished gems and handcrafted pieces from international sources.

In the collection you can find diamond solitaire earrings, pink diamond jewellery including pendants and rings, and a selection of the most exquisite coloured diamonds in Perth. 

For a full showcase catalogue contact our showroom to schedule a private appointment or visit during opening hours and take in the must-see collection for yourself.

Argyle pink diamonds

Revered for their elegance and rarity, Argyle pink diamonds have come to be known among the most coveted diamonds worldwide.

Formed in the awe-inspiring landscape of the East Kimberley over more than 1.6 billion years, each unique stone is imbued with the stories of our country and the wonders of nature.

Pink diamond jewellery is naturally limited with the Argyle diamond mine being one of the only known sources of pink diamonds on earth. Only 1 per cent of the diamonds produced by this world-renowned mine are coloured stones, with each bearing the hues of history in shimmering pinks ranging from pale to almost ruby red.

Argyle pink diamonds are found all around the world today; 9 in 10 stones originate in their Western Australian mine.

Perhaps it is the mystery of where Argyle pink diamonds get their colouring, or perhaps their beauty speaks for itself. Regardless, pink diamond jewellery is a uniquely stunning addition to the Linneys collection.

Linneys for exclusive quality

For almost half a century Linneys has been handcrafting timeless quality jewellery for Western Australia.

Known for the finest quality diamonds and pearls, as well as the largest collection of Argyle pink diamond jewellery in Perth, Linneys now has a reputation spanning far beyond Perth’s shores.

We invite you to view the international coloured diamond collection for yourself and see how Linneys time-honoured tradition of bespoke fine jewellery design brings these rare and beautiful gems to life.