Diamond Colour

There is an array of choice available in coloured diamonds, including black, champagne, yellow, blue, red, green and pink. A coloured diamond is a distinctly different visual choice, but they also vary dramatically from traditional white diamonds.


champagne balayage ring

Champagne, Cognac and Black

Some coloured diamonds, like champagne, cognac and black, are more cost effective than their white counterparts. This is partly due to abundance, treatment processes as well as popularity. There are exceptions to this rule; a large natural black diamonds may fetch a very high price, but a treated black diamond is a spectacular and affordable alternative.


yellow radiant cut diamond ring

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Pink and yellow diamonds and other ‘fancy’ colours are highly coveted due to their rarity and desirability. A coloured diamond is usually priced according to the strength of its colour, and not upon the principals that price a white diamond.


oval cut pave halo diamond ring

White Diamonds

White diamonds are selected using the 4 C’s: Cut, colour, clarity and carat. The whiter and more flawless a diamond, the rarer it is. The quality of its cut is also an important consideration, and of course, size. Gem quality diamonds of considerable carat weight are rare and sought after commodities. The bigger they are, the higher the price. 




Diamond Cut

Diamond Setting

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